Ambience creator. Playlist maker.

I have a lot of playlists hosted on Apple Music. I’m listening to a wide variety of genres, so you’ll find lists organised by theme, genre, mood, time… I goes from heavy electro, deep house and trap music to nice chilled beats, piano instrumentals or acoustic songs. I also recommend the ‘Discover:’ series which features new artists or new genres every once in a while.

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Weekly Selection

I recently launched a music sharing Facebook page where I’m sharing my favourite songs and albums every week. Like the page to get fresh tracks in your news feed!

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/\/\ 2017 Awards

My personal selection of the best songs of 2017.

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Sorry if you’re not subscribed to Apple Music, I sincerely hope that a service will soon allow automatic playlist sync between different platforms. At least the /\/\ 2017 Awards playlist is available nearly everywhere. That’s a start 🙂