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About me

Hey! My name is Adrien. I was born in Strasbourg, France and grew up in the south, in Toulon, France. I just moved to Worthing, UK for my studies. You can learn more about that below.

I like tech, music and anything else correlated to these things. Right now I try to focus on filming, video editing, music production, live events production and scene technology. I am trying to get as much experience as I can by working or attending events with professionals.

On this website you’ll find some informations about me, links to my social medias and some of my projects. You can also discover new music in my curated playlists on Apple Music.

I hope you’ll like it, and please get in touch with me if you need anything or just want to have a cool chat!

Studies & Future


Since I’ve always been into tech, after my baccalaureate, I studied for 1 year in an engineering school (ISEN Toulon, France) but then realised that it wasn’t for me. High level math and physics class were definitely too hard. I realised that I’d rather use my technology skills in order to serve arts.

I completely changed my study-goals and joined a Theatre Arts (Lighting and Sound design) course at the Northbrook MET. This course seems to be a good way to jump into the live event world and eventually be able to design the lights and content for music artists in the future. The more I work for festivals and theatres, the more I realise that I’m happy in the live event world.

If you know anything about lighting and content designing, own a production company or just want to talk about studies and work, feel free to email me : pro@cilusse.com.