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About me

My name is Adrien. I was born in Strasbourg, France and grew up in the south, in Toulon, France. I moved almost 1 year ago to Worthing, UK for my studies. Currently in a Technical Theatre Production course at the Northbrook MET, I am focusing on sound and lighting design.

I’m mostly into technology and music and anything else correlated to these 2 things. I am interested by anything from soundlighting, video, photography, editing, music production, stage technology to computing, networking, creating websites or managing a community. I am trying to get as much experience as I can by working or attending events with professionals.

More recently I started working as freelance all-purpose techie. If you need someone to operate lights, sound and video for your show, or simply need help with computers, networking or audio in your pub or venue, feel free to ask! I value experience more than money. For any professional inquiries, send me an email at contact@cilusse.com and you can download my CV right at the bottom of this page.

Otherwise, if you just want to keep in touch quietly and occasionally get a nice picture, song or video in your feed, head over to my Social Hub, where you can almost follow me on every platform.